Ladies Here is How to Create Your Own Beyonce Braids Hairstyles (Photos)

The most popular ďDestinyís ChildĒ used to wear African braids at the times of our youth, at the times of her first success. Beyonce has sported many stunning looks since that time. However, as times and fashions return, she returns her famous Beyonceís braids to her own head and the heads of her fans. Letís look for some inspiration?

What are classic African braids from a hairdresserís point of view?
The famous Beyonce braids are very comfortable hairstyles that allow you to forget about long washing, drying, styling and other hair beauty procedures that we perform nearly every morning. They donít need any special care. Whatís more, stylists claim that such a hairstyle can somehow protect your hair from the impact of sunlight and breakage. The only thing that you should control is the weight of the braids. If you add too much hair extension it makes the hair heavy which, can pull your front hairline backwards and make you loose some strands or give you headaches.

If you want to have a pretty celebrity-like hairstyle, you need only the following:
An experienced hairdresser with a lot of patience
Your own patience
The style you definitely want to have (because thereís plenty of variations involving straight or Beyonce side braids, the ones with hair extensions and the ones without, beaded braids, and so on)
Some special glue to fix the ends and extensions

Several care recommendations before you start
These braids donít need any special care. Itís enough to give your head a thorough wash once in a week, no oftener. The shampoo should be applied to the scalp (only a little) and gently massaged. Itís better if the free ends are not shampooed at all. After washing the shampoo away completely, rinse the ends with clean lukewarm water. However, itís not allowed to use any hair balms or masks. They are very hard to remove from the braids, and with them, it will be very hard to disentangle the hair when itís time to undo the braids.
Itís necessary to refresh the braiding every 5 to 7 weeks because the growing hair roots will give your hairstyle an untidy look. Itís even more interesting because you can change your look with a new braiding pattern or by adding colored hair extensions or threads to the braids. Thereís plenty of Beyonce new hair style braids to choose from. Youíll always look stylish and lovely.

How to create Beyonce braids hairstyles?
Now, letís see how such a hairstyle is created step by step.
1. Comb the hair carefully and thoroughly. Determine how you would like the braids: lying closely to your head to form a certain pattern or simply hanging loosely from your head. It will determine the braiding technique. If you are braiding closely to the head, you can do it from downside upwards, receiving, so to say, an inverted braid. It can look very interesting if you add a bright colored extension to your hair.
2. Now, separate a strand of a certain thickness. If you want the braid to lie closely to your scalp, separate a whole row of your hair in the direction you want the braid to run. The size of this hair section depends on your own hair. If itís quite fine and you donít have much of it, itís better to take locks that are neither thin nor thick. If you take too little, the hair can be damaged by the weight of the braid with the extension. If you take too much, you will have only a few braids on the entire head.
3. Now, take a little glue and apply to the roots, where the extension will be attached. Attach the extension and start braiding. In the process, try to twist all the parts of the future braid with equal tension, otherwise, the braid will be uneven. As well, the even tension helps the braid to stay close to the scalp.
4. To disentangle the ends of the hair, especially if there is the extension, hold the three main parts with one hand and comb through the entire length with the fingers of the second hand. You can keep on braiding this way for as long as you want, then, create a loose end. Everything depends on the chosen style.
5. The smaller the hair section is, the smaller the braid will be. You are the one who determines the size of the hair sections. You can create several braids of different sizes and locate them as you wish on your head.
6. If you use threads, never choose natural cotton or flax threads. They can lose colour due to the sun or washing and shrink a lot, and it will damage your hair. The thread should be at least 20 to 30 cm longer than your hair in order to create a nice hairstyle. The threads are tied to your hair closely to the roots. Make sure that you have no more than 6 threads for each braid. Ends can be fastened with the help of silicon elastic bands or tied into knots (there should be already no hair where the knot is tied.

How to undo the Beyonce braids?
When itís necessary to undo any of the Beyonce hair braids, you can do it at home, on your own or with some help from a friend.
1. Use scissors, cut off the extension right below the ends of your own hair.
2. Undo the braid with the help of a needle, toothpick, hairbrush handle with a pointed end, or something thin.
3. Easily pull the extension off closely to the roots and remove it.
4. Disentangle the knots with the help of fingers.
5. After undoing all the braids, wash your head with a renewing shampoo and apply a strengthening mask.
Donít be afraid if you see a lot of hair removed with braids and extensions. Itís a normal process. Every day about 100 hairs leave our scalps without even being noticed. When your hair stays tied into braids for a month or more, all the fallen out hairs remain there until you undo the braiding. This is why thereís so much hair when you set your hair free.
Hairstyle variations: Beyonce braids 2017

You can create any patterns on your head by braiding in diverse directions. Itís possible to do all the braids in Beyonce hairstyles from the front of your head to the back or from one side to another, leaving one side of your face mysteriously hidden. You can gather the free ends into a ponytail or a bigger braid, opening your face. You can collect them into a stylish messy bun that will attract attention to the beauty of your neckline. You can add any colours or extensions and bangs of any shapes.