How To Break Up with Your Girlfriend

1. You have to break up with her in person, and at her place. That way she doesn’t have to leave and go home all upset.

2. You need to put all the blame on yourself and make it sound like a good thing for her. Say something like; I just need to concentrate on my schooling or career right now, and I just don’t have the time to give you that I feel you deserve. Or try, I really care about you very much, and this pains me to say, but I don’t think that we are meant to be together. I would like to set you free to find someone better.

3. You will not be friends right away. It will be too painful for both of you as you will most likely be seeing other people quite soon. So, leave her alone for a while. Give her some space.

4.When you two talk be kind and friendly too her. BUT, DO NOT fall back in to old patterns with her. (Don’t say “I love you, Don’t talk about your relationship, Don’t do anything that makes it seem like you have a romantic feeling towards her. Also, don’t let her steer the conversation that way, gently re-direct.) It will only confuse her and make the rift between you two impossible to mend.

5. ASK her what’s going on in her life…and this is the hard part…be interested and concerned for her dating life. Let her tell you about all the guys she’s with now, no matter how much it will sting and burn and make you mad, just smile.