Fashion hacks.

Hey, guys…i’m so excited to start this weekly edition of fashion hacks. I’m Mija, a unisex fashion designer and I really hope that after reading this, you would have gained a thing or two.

Hack 1: watch those lines.
Yes, the patterns on your outfit can go a long way in changing the nuances of your looks. Studies have shown that horizontal lines or stripes make one look shorter and fatter while vertical lines make one look taller and thinner.
So for the shorties, go for fabrics with vertical lines. And to the ladies, it is advisable to wear clothes with horizontal lines or stripes around the hip area to make you look curver . You can thank me later.

Hack 2: black underwear under white shirts.
Most times, we all make the mistake of wearing a white singlet or chemise under a white top but this is nothing but a fashion blunder. The reason for this is simple, when you wear a white underwear under a white shirt, it will be transparent in a very unattractive way.

That would be all for the week. Stay fashionable and effortlessly classy. Till the next edition of fashion hacks, I remain your home girl. Mi’ja

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