Get to know Ade-ife, his personality and his type of musicSome people possess the talent and are looking forward to their big break into the Nigerian music sphere. While others might not be so talented, they’re lucky enough to have hit songs that help them win over the audience. Then, there are some who find themselves in the middle – they can make good songs that bring them to the limelight.One of them is Nigerian singer, Ade-ife. He has been steadily breaking boundaries one step at a time. he has successfully conquered a niche and has built for himself a solid musicHis background had a lot of influence on his music (and style) as he picked up a variety of sounds from his surroundings, He has released a single track titled (AYA WANI) which enjoyed massive airplay and loved by his fans across south west of Nigeria. He is currently signed to Myklik Entertainment.The vibrant singer is set to bring a revolution to the Nigerian music industry. His goal is to dominate the south west sound mainstream and prove to the general audience that he is the best. bringing smiles to the faces of the audience, especially women is what motivates him , fame and money matter less than the love he has for music. His inclination for music has earned him a spot in the hearts of many ladies as well as it has recognitions.Ade-ife is set to release an EP titled, “Emi Ni” later this year, which contained bangers like “AYA WANI,” “MONKEY NO FINE.” ERIN LOMO and the rest.There were no features on the EP. He described the critically-acclaimed project as an inside story that completely brings to light his vocal adroitness, spectacular songwriting skills, and his unequaled ability to weave stories with his music. He claimed that he intended to take listeners on an unprecedented journey through his music. He has been touring his home town an everybody loves himConnect with Ade-ife onIG:@iamadeifeFB: Ade IfeOn WhatsApp