Letís face it, we all love makeup, itís just sometimes makeup doesnít love us. Weíve all put on the wrong colour foundation, or blended the wrong combination of eyeshadows from our palette. This can lead to a makeup disaster real quick, but with the right knowledge of the colours and shades that work best for your skin tone, you could be well on your way to mastering these easy everyday makeup looks.

Blue-eyed girls look great with a vast range of shades on their eyes, but shades that work particular well include peach, gold, orange, and brown, and especially this beautiful dusky pink that you can see here.
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Hereís another great tip you can learn from this great makeup look also Ė that light shimmer on the inner corner of the eye can really help to make you light bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when all you really want to do is crawl back underneath the duvet and spend another few years in bed.

Dark eyes really are stunning, and once again, there are a range of shades that you can play around with in your makeup palette. Deeper shades often work better against these deeper eye colours, and blacks, browns, dark greens, navy blues, and even dark greys are all great shades to play around with.
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Here you can see a very muted brown / neutral cut crease, with is a lot easier to do once you get your hands on a fluffy blending brush. Incorrect blending doesnít look great, especially on the one part of your face that everyone will notice Ė your eyes.

Green eyes look really great with purple and lilac shades, but pinks, plums, and variations of all of these often work really well.
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A light shimmer on the eyelid is all it takes to brighten up these pretty green eyes, and one thing that women often forget is that quick slick of colour underneath the lower lash line too. This can hide a multitude of sins, including one too many heavy nights out!

For the days when you donít have time to do a full eyeliner kitten flick, fake it by just using your eyeshadow. In fact, your eyeshadow could come in handy much more often than you think it might.
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Take a peek at your palette Ė the lighter shades are easily flick over the eyelid, and also in place of highlighter when you have none, and the dark shades can work in the place of eyeliner with the right angled brush, and even to work your eyebrows. With a touch of Vaseline, any of the shades in your palette can be made into a lipgloss, and if you have a broken shade, you could even mix it in with clear gloss to make your very own last-minute nail polish too.

White eyeliner is a really amazing thing to have in your makeup bag, and for a whole host of reasons. You can use it along your lower waterline, just like you can see here, to instantly brighten up the eyes and make you less tired when you need much more sleep than you actually get.
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You can also use white eyeliner to go over the entire eyelid as a primer for bright eyeshadows too. Every colour looks instantly brighter when itís been placed against that white backdrop, and it really helps to bring a bold and bright look to life.

This is a great look for summer, and also for when you really canít be bothered to do anything else. You can achieve this entire look just using your highlighter and contour palette, you just need to learn how to use it.
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The darker shades, again, can be used on the eyebrows as well as for contouring, and if you donít have any darker eyeshadows to blend into the cut crease of your eye, you could just use the darker shades in your blusher or contour set.
The lips, just like we suggested before, are the nude / rose gold shades of the palette just mixed in with lip gloss of petroleum jelly, and a touch of highlighter all over always helps to make you look (and feel) more awake. Plus, the whole look will only take five to ten minutes.

Isnít it funny how the most natural of makeup looks always seem to take the longest? If you want an easy way to get this simple and neutral look, a nude palette is definitely the way forward. As weíve already stated, you can use everything in your palette on your face, making it the most versatile bit of kit youíll ever invest in, and learning to use your highlighter properly is always a very good trick. Highlighter can make you look awake even when you havenít slept for a week! (Thankfully!)
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That slick of white eyeliner in the lower lash / waterline once again helps to make you appear more alert, and it also helps to make your eyes look bigger too. And donít be afraid to leave the eyeliner alone from time to time. Sometimes itís good to let your skin breathe, and in order to achieve this, basic, barely-there makeup is perfect.

This no-makeup, makeup look shows how important a decent brow is. Your brow can instantly transform the way your face looks, and a quick tidy-up is never to be underestimated.
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If you only have time to do two things in the morning before you rush out the door, weíd suggest a few minutes getting your eyebrows ďon fleekĒ, and add some mascara. Weíll even admit to using last nightís makeup a couple of times to get this barely-there look Ö Multitasking!

For when you donít have time to do total eyeliner, but the thought of using no eyeliner in your makeup regime fills you with dread, how about this? Itís an everyday winged liner look that actually doesnít take too long to achieve.
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Because the eyeliner isnít completely over the eyelid, getting it spot on will only take you half the time, and itís much easier to get those outer flicks right than the inner bits, donít you think? There are so many tutorials, particularly on Instagram, on how to achieve the perfect eyeliner flick, and weíd suggest watching a few. Picking up a few makeup hacks here and there is never a bad thing.

Who doesnít love a baby-pink pop? We certainly do, and thatís why we fell a little bit in love with this pink lipped look, one of the easy everyday makeup looks you should definitely jump on.
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In order to get beautiful, luscious lips like this, youíre going to need to start with a good base, and that means taking care of your pucker-ups! Make sure you always carry a lip balm with you, especially when the weather gets particularly hot, or particularly cold. Try to look for lip products that contain some sort of SPF too Ė this will help to protect them from the powerful ray of the sun, which can burn you even when itís not that hot or sunny outside.